Cultural Policy

Aristarkhov V.

Zhitenev S.

Civilization and culture

Tolok Ek.

Cultural History

Gronsky A.

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Izbachkov Yu.
Rybak K.


Kiryanova O.

Petrova D.

Drobiazko S.


Putrik Yu.

Tolok Ek.
The cultural heritage of the Russian civilization and the ways of its preservation
Abstract. In this article the problem of preservation of cultural heritage of the Russian civilization is considered. The main idea of the author is expressed in the fact that in order to preserve the cultural heritage of modern Russia it is necessary to identify and designate its own course of civilizational development, not in imitation of the West or the East. Russia have historically created their own vision of goodness, beauty, truth, your own world, your type of person, his own special spiritual values. Russian civilization should be focused on the highest values, support of civilizational values, actualization of such values as spirituality, unity, family, patriotism, mercy. Patriotic education should be especially emphasized, as a sense of patriotism gives a new impetus to the spiritual health of young people, acts as a conductor of the ideology of peacefulness, good neighborliness, tolerance, culture of interethnic and intergenerational relations, preservation of national values.

Key words: cultural heritage, globalization, values, cultural identity, patriotic education.

Tolok Ekaterina Sergeevna,
Balakovo Institute of Engineering and Technology (Balakovo, Saratov region),
e-mail: tolokks@mail.ru