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Aristarkhov V.

Zhitenev S.

Civilization and culture

Tolok Ek.

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Gronsky A.

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Izbachkov Yu.
Rybak K.


Kiryanova O.

Petrova D.

Drobiazko S.


Putrik Yu.

Kiryanova O.
Modern monastic museums of the Russian Orthodox Church
Abstract. The article is devoted to the results of the study of Museum institutions currently operating at the monasteries of the Russian Orthodox Church. The research was carried out in different regions of Russia by the method of questioning, as well as field observations. The activity of 12 museum structures created by religious organizations is analyzed. According to the data obtained, the studied objects carry out only part of the museum functions and are museum-type institutions, but have the prospect of developing into full-fledged museums.

Key words: museum, monastery, Russian Orthodox Church, museum-type institutions, Orthodoxy, church museum, ancient repository.

Kiryanova Olga Gennadievna,
Russian Scientific Research Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage named after D.Likhachev (Moscow),
e-mail: psk-ok@mail.ru