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Aristarkhov V.

Zhitenev S.

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Tolok Ek.

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Gronsky A.

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Izbachkov Yu.
Rybak K.


Kiryanova O.

Petrova D.

Drobiazko S.


Putrik Yu.

Putrik Yu.
‘Code of objects of the underwater cultural heritage of Russia: Part 3. Russian underwater cultural heritage abroad’ – Review
Abstract. The review emphasizes the relevance and scope of the work done by the author on the search, systematization and description of one of the important segments of the underwater cultural heritage of Russia. The dignity of the work is the inclusion in the scientific circulation of new historical facts and information.

Key words: underwater cultural heritage, Russia, code of cultural heritage objects, A. Okorokov, heritage, history, navigation, ships.

Putrik Yuri Stepanovich,
D. in History, PhD in Geography,
head of Department of socio cultural and tourist programs,
Russian Scientific Research Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage named after D.Likhachev (Moscow)