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Drobiazko S.
'Russian troops in France and the Balkans (1916-1918) in the history and memory of Russia and Europe' - Exhibition dedicated to the end of the war devoted to the 100th anniversary of the World War I
Abstract. The article contains description of the exhibition created at the Central Museum of the Armed Forces (CMVS) of the Russian Federation devoted to the Russian expeditionary corps – the military contingent sent by Russia to help France in 1916 and operating on the Western and Macedonian fronts. This exhibition was created as a result of the Museum's interaction with public organization – the Russian Expeditionary Force (1916-1918) Memorial Foundation and opened on May 16, 2019 (on the first day of the international conference of the same name). Hundreds of unique exhibits from the funds of the CMVS and also from the Museum of the history of military uniforms, private collections from Russia, Greece and France and family archives of the descendants of officers and soldiers of the corps are presented for the first time.

Key words: Russian expeditionary corps, World War I, Russia, France, museum, exhibition, conference, history, memory

Drobiazko Sergei Igorevich,
PhD in History,
Central Museum of the Armed Forces (Moscow)
e-mail: drobiazko@mail.ru