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UDC 930.85(47)(049.32)
Akopyan K.
The Tragedy of the Creative Personality
or a History of Russian Culture
Review of the book by Тatiana Parkhomenko
Abstract. The author analyses the book titled Culture Without Censorship: Culture of Russia from Rurik to Our Days, which is dedicated to the periods, moments, and situations crucial in Russian history. The professionalism, thoroughness and consistency of the book’s author are highlighted. The reviewer underlines that the content of the study complies with the book title and analyses the author’s approaches to the history of the Russian Orthodox Church, historical development of education in Russia, as well as the occurrence and formation of intelligentsia.
Key words: culture, Russian culture, history of culture, history of the Russian Orthodox Church, Russian education, intelligentsia, the Russian art, Soviet art, culture of the Russian Abroad, anti-Soviet culture

Akopyan Кaren Zavenovich,
Doctor in Philosophy, Professor,
Principle Researcher,
Russian Institute for Cultural Research (Moscow),
e-mail: nerak-akop@yаndex.ru 


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