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UDC 130.2(821)
Fortunatova V.
Cultural Modelling of Literary Text

The author argues that culturology can provide for introducing essential changes in some of the humanities to facilitate overcoming their crisis. In the literary criticism, the use of this approach may well produce new research technologies for substantial, structural, descriptive, poetical analysis of literary works. A culture centred  approach in understanding and interpreting Alexander Pushkin’s creations is proposed as Pushkin himself can be regarded as an embodiment of the Cultural Text. A specificity of cultural text production that reveals a receptive life of creation is also considered.

Key words: Pushkin cultural studies, reception ,concept sphere, culturema, a though form

Fortunatova Vera Alexeevna,
Doctor in Philology, Professor,
Head of the Culturology Chair,
Nizhegorodsky State Pedagogical University
(Nizhny Novgorod)
e-mail: fortunatova2@mail.ru


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