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Sadokhin A.
Theoretical and Methodical Resources of Cultural Expertise

The article is dedicated to the theory and method of cultural expertise. The author analyses the subject of assessment and the object of expert analysis, and proposes classification of expert evaluations according its genera and species. The issues of professional competence, and the due expert research qualifications are also discussed.

Key words: cultural expertise, expertise subject, expertise object, genera and species of cultural expertise, expert competences, expert qualifications, expert research qualifications, multifaceted cultural expertise 

Sadokhin Alexandr Petrovich
Dr in Culturology, Assistant Professor,
Director of the Business Culture and
Sociocultural Expertise Centre
of the International Institute for Public Service and Administration,
Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
by the President of the Russian Federation (Moscow),
е-mail: sadalpetr@yandex.ru


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